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Heirs of Hippocrates

Heirs of Hippocrates

Complete Record - Heirs of Hippocrates No. 2066

FULGENCE RAYMOND (1844-1910). Anatomie pathologique du système nerveux. Paris: Adrien Delahaye et Émile Lecrosnier, 1886. [6] 464 pp., 2 col. plates, 114 illus. 21.7 cm. Half cloth with marbled boards. 

Raymond, immediate successor to Charcot (see No. 1918 ff.), is one of France's most eminent and often overlooked neurologists. A native of the French village of St. Christophe, he studied veterinary medicine at Alfort and began his career as an army veterinarian. In 1867 he became chief of anatomy and physiology and a few years later decided to enter medical school at Paris. After completing his medical studies in 1876, Raymond advanced quickly through the academic ranks and was appointed professor agrégé on the Paris Medical Faculty in 1880. After Charcot's death in 1893, Raymond was selected to assume his professorship at the Salpêtrière from among such eminent candidates as Babinski, Marie, Brissaud, Déjérine, and Landouzy. Raymond excelled not only as a clinical neurologist but also as a neuropathologist. He was an expert lecturer and his classes were filled with students as well as with many foreign visitors. He did important investigations into chorea and tremor, hemianesthesia, diseases of the cauda equina, tabes dorsalis, neurasthenia, premature aging, syringomyelia, poliomyelitis, and syphilis. Raymond's contributions to the periodical literature of medicine number in the hundreds and cover many subjects in general medicine as well as nearly every aspect of neurology. The present work contains thirty-one lectures on the pathological anatomy of the nervous system that he gave in Paris during the 1883-1884 school year.
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